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Our Culture

At our core, we prioritize safety above all else. Our values of respect, collaboration, and empowerment are deeply engrained in our organization. You play an integral role in upholding these values and connecting horizons across Manitoba and Northern Ontario. We embrace diversity as a source of strength, appreciate the power of inclusion in all of our work, and believe our differences offer opportunities for growth. Together, we are shaping a brighter future.


Depending on your role and location, we have a variety of benefits! You may have access to health and dental, vision care, disability, life insurance, and Group RRSP with DPSP match. As EIC is a publicly traded company, we also offer an Employee Share Purchase Program (ESPP) where you can purchase company shares. But the most important investment? Your mental health and overall well-being, which is why we also subscribe to EFAP for you and your family.


The key to unlocking your full potential is through continued development and growth opportunities. We offer a variety of programs geared towards expanding skills and knowledge that will help advance your career. They can include on-the-job training, leadership development, orientation programs, and paid training courses. We believe in promoting from within so the best investment in tomorrow, is developing your career today.


We are proud to offer an array of additional employment advantages. Explore the world and make unforgettable memories with flight benefits through MyID Travel and discounts for travel on company and affiliated airlines. Plus, enjoy additional discounts for rentals, accommodations, and vacations packages as an airline employee. We also offer a corporate Goodlife membership program and depending on your base, there may be an onsite gym, additional gym benefits, and free parking - making your commute hassle-free!


Did you go above and beyond? Meet key metrics? We highlight significant contributions and achievements through a flexible recognition program that identifies general contributions, while also providing the ability to tailor it to the unique needs and goals of each department. We also recognize employment milestones with the Long Service Awards and offer various Employee Referral Programs to create a positive work environment and foster a culture of appreciation.

Exchange Income Corporation

Exchange Income Corporation Inc. (EIC) is a highly diversified and acquisition-oriented corporation focussed on opportunities in the aerospace and aviation industries. In 2015, EIC acquired Perimeter Aviation and in 2017 added Bearskin Airlines as Perimeter’s Eastern division, strengthening its ability to provide essential services to customers. As a subsidiary, we operate independently while benefiting from EIC’s operational support and strategic guidance to ensure continued success.

Explore Opportunities

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    Atik Mason Pilot Pathway

    The Atik Mason Pilot Pathway program offers fully-funded, world-class training in the heart of northern Manitoba to Indigenous people who are inspired to become professional pilots. With a focus on real experience and personalized training, the program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare participants for success in the cockpit. Pathway members who complete the training are awarded employment as a pilot for one of EIC’s local air operations, including Perimeter!

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    Bill Wehrle Scholarship

    Bill Wehrle started Perimeter Aviation in 1960 as Canada’s first private Instrument Flight Rating School. His vision and determination paved the way for the company to grow from a one-person operation to become one of Canada’s most successful regional airlines. In honour of the founder, the scholarship was established in 2017 to provide financial assistance and encouragement for Indigenous students looking to join the exciting field of aviation.

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    Life in Flight

    The Life in Flight program offers quality aviation training for aspiring pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers (AME). Through the Moncton Flight College, aspiring pilots receive extensive training, financial support, and mentorship followed by a secure career within the EIC family of companies. The AME Apprenticeship Program in conjunction with RRC Polytechnic provides the opportunity to gain the mechanical skills and experience required to be an AME while being employed full-time at an EIC air operator.

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    Are you ready to soar to new heights? Work placements, co-op programs, and apprenticeships are the perfect opportunity to learn about the aviation industry and gain hands-on experience. Depending on your interest, we offer a variety of intakes through RRC Polytechnic, Asper School of Business, and Moncton Flight College. We also often see students from high schools with specialty programs and frequently visit aviation trade shows, industry events, conferences, and career fairs across Canada.

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